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We Offer Resale Cemetery Spaces

We offer cemetery plots at a lower price than buying directly from the cemetery. 

A resale property is one that was purchased by someone that possibly moved away.        

It is still brand new.

Cemeteries We Service


Parks We Service


Eternal Hills Cemetery


Mount Hope Cemetery


La Vista Memorial Park


Cypress View Mausoleum


Glen Abbey Cemetery


Greenwood Memorial Park


Singing Hills Cemetery


El Camino Memorial Park

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Do you have a Cemetery Plot, Mausoleum Crypt or Cremation Niche to sell?

If you want to sell your unneeded cemetery property,  we will explain the process to you. Talk only, not a contract.


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Cemetery Services Agency

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Detailed Instructions For Sending In The $35.00 Listing Fee

A) $35.00 check payable to “Cemetery Services Agency”

B) On the Upper Left side of check: Your Name, Address, Phone Number.

C) Lower Left Corner of Check: Name of Cemetery, and Property Location

D) Sign the check

E) Mail check to: Cemetery Services Agency, PO Box 2454, Alpine, CA 91903

F) This check should be mailed AFTER you talk to the broker on the phone.

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The task of buying or selling cemetery property may well be an unfamiliar process for you. You may not even know the right questions to ask. And who should you ask?


We tried here to ask the right questions for you, in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below. It may give you a little background that you need before you start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information To Help You Buy Cemetery Property


We have to buy burial property right now. Can we make time payments?


Usually, yes. We trust you. We don’t need to check your credit. We do require a 10% down payment, with 8% APR interest. Pay the balance monthly in 2-3 years. Use our coupons and return envelopes. Free audit anytime so you can see your payment progress.


We know nothing about choosing a cemetery. In fact, we have never been to one.


Each park in this area has special features. Our 47 years of selling cemetery property in San Diego means that our guidance will have value to help you select the best park for you.


Are you affiliated with any mortuaries?


Not yet. We don’t have a funeral director's license.

Why should we buy property from your brokerage? Can’t we just drive to the park we have heard about, go into their office, and let them sell us their spaces?


Yes, you could do that. But the primary benefit of buying a previously sold grave or crypt from a broker (as a resale) is that it is still a brand new space, but the price to you may well be based on the price structure back in 1956.


I’m 89 years of age, and I don’t drive anymore. What do you suggest?  


 We will pick you up at your home and we will show you a few good choices. No charge.


We are thinking of getting mausoleum crypts. What do we need to know?


Crypts are clean and dry. They are especially easy to find when you want to place a flower on a birthday. Many factors influence the price you pay. A crypt up high might sell for ½ the price of a crypt at heart level. The selling price might be influenced by the seller’s financial needs. Crypts may cost a little more than graves, but then you don’t have to buy a vault. The crypt is a vault. However, we do sell twice as many graves as crypts.


Who does the park maintenance, like watering and grass cutting, etc.?


Endowment Care was included in your purchase so you don’t have to think about maintenance. Cemetery grounds crew does it all.

Information for Selling Your Cemetery Property.

Does the broker guarantee that he will find a buyer for my cemetery property?

No. We only guarantee our best efforts daily.

Do you ever buy our cemetery property right away?

Sometimes, but not often.


If the broker is trying to find a buyer, can we cancel our contract and sell it ourselves?

Yes. However, you must call us to tell us to stop showing your property.


Do we establish in advance the amount of money we receive if sold?



Are there a lot of bills to pay if you find a buyer for us?

Yes. But you don’t pay these bills. Transfer fees, advertising, and commissions to salespeople, which are all covered by the broker. 

Who does all of the paperwork?

The broker handles all the paperwork.


Can I demand more money than that suggested by the broker?


Yes. However, if you require $100. more than that of a family that is selling a property a few feet away from yours, our client would always buy the other one. It's better to use our other seller’s contract as a basis for your payout.

Is the broker licensed and bonded?

Yes, we have two licensed and bonded brokers.

How long have you been selling cemetery property in San Diego?

We have been selling cemetery property in San Diego for 47 years.


I am 90 years of age. Can you expedite selling my cemetery property?

Yes. We will push your cemetery property if you ask. No charge.

Do we have to meet in person to do this?

No. It's all done by telephone and mail.

How long does this usually take to find a buyer?

We don’t know.

How do we begin?

Go to “Want To Sell Your Property?”, type in your info, and submit. 

We are in a hurry to sell our property. Would it help if we suggested that we require less money than you offered, to make our spaces more competitive with all of your other listings?


We lost the deed to our cemetery property. What can we do?

We will file for lost deed at the cemetery. No charge.

Our cemetery property is still in the name of our deceased grandmother. What now?

As part of our included services, we carefully construct the trail of ownership for your family and send you the paperwork needed, such as Power of Attorney, death certificates needed, etc. Your signature will have to be notarized. For you, it's all quite easy.


We have tried to sell our two graves for seven years. Why doesn’t someone see our ad and contact us? 


If a family needs to buy a few graves quickly, they won’t call you. They won’t call a cemetery broker, either. They often call a local independent mortuary and go there to make arrangements for a burial. When they ask the mortician about buying cemetery property, the mortician then says that he doesn’t have a broker’s license. He may well inform his client to look at our web-page to get a few ideas. Maybe they will then contact us, and the next phase begins. If your property is listed with us, it might be sold to this person that needs to buy now. Incidentally, advertising in the local paper might be what you would prefer. A three-line ad costs $56.00 for one day.

What do we have to pay to list our property with you?

The listing fee is $35.00 total, paid once. But you do get a lot for your money. 

We live in Alpine, and we drive to your cemetery to look at your spaces, then talk to a counselor to verify ownership, and check that it is unoccupied. We then drive back to our office to see what other people are going to receive if their spaces were sold near to yours.  (They are the competition). We then come up with a suggestion of your paycheck if the property is sold. If you decide to list with us, we then have to verify your right to sell the spaces. Maybe your grandfather bought the graves 40 years ago. We may have to create a small genealogy to prove to the cemetery that we have the necessary death certificates, signatures and Power of Attorneys, (notarized). If you have any siblings, they also might have to sign our POA.  But once this is done, that’s it. All forms and paperwork are generated by us and mailed to you. For you, it’s quite easy.

Note that although there are a lot of bills to pay, we pay those bills, not you.


While you are searching for a buyer, can we sell our property to a neighbor? 


Yes, but you must call us to report your sale so that we can stop showing your property.


How are we paid (and when)?  


Cash or check, after we find a buyer for you.  


We don’t know you. Should we trust you? 


No. We work under the Cemetery Board of the Sacramento Department of Consumer Affairs, and they don’t trust us either. They require us to be fully bonded. However, with our 47 years history of doing this, maybe you could trust us. 


We need money now. Can you expedite our sale? 


We will make a special effort to sell your property quickly if you are over 70. Otherwise, it's first come, first served. We no longer buy them ourselves, except if your property is at a location that we are looking for. We have had a few clients call us to ask that we reduce their payout so that their property might find a buyer a bit faster.   


What is the first thing we should do to start the sale with your help?  

Go to “Want to Sell Your Property”, type in the info and submit. If possible we will need to know the cemetery name and the property location.

Could we come to your office to talk about all of this?  

No. We have operated all of our business from our home for all 47 years. We do not rent an office in order to keep our overhead low. 

Markers (flat-bronze-marble). Do you sell these?


Yes, one of our salesmen does.

We prefer talking to a counselor who speaks Spanish.


We do have a licensed salesperson who understands Spanish. Submit your data, and add “Spanish, please” to the message box. He will call you.



Are you buying cemetery property for an immediate need?

Send us contact info, and also add a note saying that this is for an immediate need. We will call you as soon as possible on the same day.